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“Welcome to Steamer’s Gallery”

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Welcome to my Gallery.  My name is Steve Dalton I currently work as a Train Controller in Melbourne Australia and have had a passion for many things transport related for as long as I can remember, with the main aim being railways & tramways. However this also extends to other forms of transport including ships and aviation, basically it is safe to say I am a transport enthusiast, My Mother tells me I have been like this ever since I learnt to talk, anyway  my transport career has so far has spanned over 29 years and has taken me to many places within the state of Victoria and around Australia, and has allowed me to meet and work with many wonderful people, some who (as seen in my dedication page) I am very thankful for their knowledge and skills that they have so kindly passed on will always be remembered and valued.

I started my career at the South Melbourne tram depot (Hanna Street) as a tram conductor, I worked my way to trainer and I then transferred to the railways, My work in the railways has included Signalling, Train Controlling, Station Officer, Operations Officer, Conductor working with different companies in addition to this and rising a family I have also been involved for just over 32 years in heritage & preservation railway groups in various volunteer roles, working in many aspects from timetabling to passenger & customer & passenger services and locomotive servicing also holding committee positions from Secretary, President and Operations Mgrs positions,  however with a demanding workload I have had to “curtail” the volunteer work these days as I am unable to commit as much as I used too. As a result of this I have now been able to concentrate and focus on another strong passion I have, that being photography and traveling with my wife and family around the country.  I am only an amateur photographer and I enjoy taking photos of different subjects from railway operations to land and seascapes and whatever is in between. So once again welcome to my site please feel free to have a look around at the various albums & pages.

A special dedication and thank you can be found at the following link, or click the logo and go to the dedication section. “Steamer’s Dedication & Thank You”

“The Website”

This website is the product of many hours of trying to find a better way to showcase my photos and share them with you all.  While I have used a few different mediums such as Flickr, Photobucket and Facebook, I have always found these a bit unsafe and sometimes dificult to control so I wanted to do something of my own that people can go to and not be bothered with adds etc.  So the website was developed with a bit of brain storming and a very knowledgable person who understands the in/outs of the web and was quite happy to listen to what I wanted to do and work on design to cater my photo requirements.  This Person Matt Fleay-Daly is the man behind the scenes and our webmaster for this site, I would like to thank Matthew for all his hard work and continuing support he offers to the ongoing and future development of this site,  You can learn more about Matt at www.mattsphotos.com.au you can also contact matt and view his site through my gallery links as well.   So far the website has gone beyond my expectations and more development changes are being made regularly

The content of this website has been designed so that the front page shows my various photo galleries, by selecting the gallery you want to look at you will either see the photos directly or another sub album within the actual album, sometimes additional subs are also created, this is done so events and various subjects can be shared and made easy to find and understand what each album is about.  It also allows me to categorise my photo collection.

So please feel free look through the albums and enjoy the photos.  If you have any questions please email me at gallery@wcr711.com for more information.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you for visiting !!!