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Copyright Information and Use of Photos !

All photos on this website and also the associated facebook page are copyrighted to © “Steve Dalton Steamer’s Gallery”. The photos are watermarked for protection, I welcome anyone who wishes to use my material for personal and professional use, all you need to do is contact me through the Contact Us Section by using the links provided for further information. I can arrange to send un edited photos if required for personal use.  Alternitivaly you can email directly to myself at  In the past some railfan magazines have used my material for their magazine again I am more than happy for this to take place, all I ask is that you please contact me first.

Facebook !

To accompany this website we also have a “Facebook page” this page can be found by searching for Steamers Gallery, from your Facebook account, to access the content on the Facebook page, click the like button and you will then be able to keep up to date with the changes and progress of the website and when new photos are uploaded.  Only a small selection of the photos in my various albums are displayed along with updates and what is happening with the website.  All the photos on the Facebook page are copyrighted to the Gallery site and their respective owners as displayed.

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