“A Dedication & Thank You”  !

I have come along way through my various jobs over the years and this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for some of the rail crews and various other people over the years that have taken me under their wing and taught me what I know today, therefore I would like to take a moment to dedicate this photo gallery website, to them. First and foremost I would like to pay my respect to my Grandparents, Beryl & Robert Jones, who were and still are my hero’s. They always encouraged me throughout my childhood and young adult life to go with my dreams and enjoy life and fight for what you believe in, they along with my Mother taught many of the life values I live by today.

To my Mum Jan, who is not only a Mother but a dear friend who has guided me into the man I am today, without her I highly doubt I would be here today, she stuck by me and made sure I did not go astray, she has always been and still is always there for me and my family, and has supported my dreams goals and adventures over the years.  Mum Thank You!

To my wonderful wife Sheena, for her love and support over the years and for always sticking by my side and supporting me throughout my career, and career changes within the railways also for working alongside me and supporting me in my hobbies and jobs we did during the heritage years. To my boys who have also followed me in various aspects of the hobby getting involved in the various aspects  themselves and have and are growing into young men.

To my dear friends who I have spent many hours with taking most of the photos you all see in these albums and who have supported me and my family over the years – Thank You!! The photos in my albums are yours too and a reminder of all the good times and adventures that have and are still yet to happen.

Finally to my friends, workmates and colleagues that I have had the pleasure and honor to work with over the years in the many roles I’ve done in my so far 28 year transport career and various roles in the heritage scene. It sure has been great and alot of wonderful times and knowledge learnt. I will always value your guidance.

 To the Drivers Signallers & other staff who have lost their lives during the course of their duty, for whatever reason and for those that are no longer on the job you have encouraged me in many aspects of my railway career and hobby. Your memories, advise and support will always live on in my heart and in the photos I take.

Thank You.